Walking in the Gray: How to Succeed When the Rules Are Not Black and White


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Achieving success in work and in life often requires us to walk in an area that is neither black or white, where the rules are unclear, unwritten, or altogether unknown, leaving us to figure things out as we go along. While this can be difficult to face, embracing the notion of the gray area can help us to work our way toward real accomplishments. Walking in the Gray focuses on working with the unknown, taking actions without all the details, walking between the black and the white. It advocates moving forward with purpose without knowing the right next step. You cannot allow what you do not know keep you from doing what you know you should do. You can make decisions with inadequate information, get out of your own way, and keep yourself from settling because you lack the details to move. You can prevent your haters and your helpers from keeping you from your destination-even when you don't know the details you need to reach that destination. No matter what, you can succeed in work, at home, and in life. This self-help guide offers you advice on how to succeed in life, the workplace, school, marriage, and church by following rules that are not written in black and white.